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About Doxon Toyota Dealership

The Doxon Family has been in the automobile business right here in Auburn since 1938. Myron and Ken Doxon, along with their dad, sold Studebakers at 119 Auburn Way South. When you dialed the garage, as they called it, you phoned just 5. Pretty simple. One number and you knew how to get hold of Doxon and Sons.

The Doxons are four generations of automobile experience, and we want to make it as simple as dialing five when it comes to service and commitment. We’re celebrating 42 years with Toyota as one of the oldest established Toyota dealers in the US.

In 1964, it was simple selling cars and trucks people could depend on. In 2007, it’s still simple. Build the best cars and trucks in the industry; with Quality, Dependability, and Reliability; make them stylish and exciting to drive, with plenty of models from which to choose, and it’s simple to meet all your customer’s needs.

Toyota has one of the best car, truck, and SUV lineups in the business. On your next visit, take a look at the lighted pictures on the wall. You’ll see the history of the Doxon Toyota family and 65 years of commitment to the car business. Doxon Toyota in Auburn. A family tradition since 1938.

We believe our 65 years in business, allows our customers the confidence they need, to know our message of service will be followed. We’ve called it "The Doxon Difference" since 1938.

Come see us today!

Mark Doxon

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