Toyota Corolla Hybrid Transmission Fluid Change at Doxon Toyota near Auburn 98002

When it comes to changing your Toyota Corolla Hybrid transmission fluid near Auburn, there’s only one place to go for quality service and well-trained technicians: Doxon Toyota. We’re familiar with Toyota and what intervals their transmission fluid should be changed at and proper handling the fluid. Our service department has convenient business hours, so give us a call today! Typically a red or green color to distinguish it from other vehicle fluids, transmission fluid is used in both manual and automatic transmissions, and each comes with a different set of rules. Comprised of lubricating qualities, anti-wear additives, rust and corrosion inhibitors, dispersants and surfactants, viscosity index improvers and modifiers, plus a handful of other additives designed for performance, transmission fluid is a chemical cocktail you don’t want to mess up. It allows your vehicle to change gears without creating friction or damaging any internal parts – a pretty integral part of every drive.

If your vehicle is a manual transmission, expect to change your transmission fluid anywhere between 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Possibly even every 15,000 miles with heavy use. An automatic transmission may never need that fluid changed, but can also need it as soon 30,000 miles. To check how often you should be getting your Toyota Corolla Hybrid transmission fluid near Auburn, changed, check your Owner’s Manual or visit your local Toyota dealer, Doxon Toyota!

We’ll get you up and running errands or commuting to work again in no time, thanks to our efficient Service Department. Take a seat in our waiting room, enjoy some coffee, and take a break from your stressful day. We’re do a multi-point inspection to go with the transmission fluid change and then run it through the carwash to remove any accumulated road gunk. You can trust us to treat your Toyota Corolla Hybrid like our own and use only the best tools and high-quality products. Our in-store parts department keeps us well stocked and regular training keeps our techs up-to-date on the latest and greatest methods.

Transmission problems can be a huge hassle and a costly repair. A transmission fluid change once a year can prevent major problems down the road and keep your transmission and engine working cohesively for many years to come It doesn't take long and doesn't cost you much to make sure you don't have major transmission problems later. Come by Doxon Toyota to have us check your transmission fluid near Auburn, today!

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