2015 Toyota Hybrids in Auburn


2015 Toyota Hybrids in Auburn

It today’s society, more and more people are leaning toward hybrid cars thanks to their fuel efficiency. As they become more and more popular, they begin to make them more powerful as well. Toyota was the first to release the hybrid thanks to the massive success of the Prius. There are far more 2015 Toyota Hybrids in Auburn than just the Prius however.

2015 Toyota Prius

First, everyone knows about the Prius and what it offers but not too many know about all the different models of Prii available to you. For example, there is of course the regular Prius but then there is also the Prius c, Plug-in, and the v. Each Prius has their own unique offering. The Prius gives you the best mpg around but you can up that with the Plug-in model. A fully charged Prius can get up to 95 EV mode mpge while it can get up to 50 mpg in hybrid mode.

The other two models, the c and v, are a bit different. To make the Prius sportier with a new sleek style, it has an upgraded front and turned into a hatchback. This model is the Prius c. The final model of the Prius is the v. This is the longest Prius hatchback available which gives you more room in the back for cargo as well as the passengers. The v makes for the perfect road trip vehicle thanks to the added room and of course the great mpg it still achieves even though this Prius is a little heavier.

Other 2015 Toyota Hybrids in Auburn

Of course, there is not just the Prius available as one of the 2015 Toyota Hybrids in Auburn, there are also a few other available hybrids by Toyota as well. You can even get the popular Camry as a Hybrid. This sedan is already a top seller so offering it as a hybrid makes more sense.

You can get everything you love about the Camry wrapped up as a hybrid to offer great mpg. The other available hybrids is the luxurious Avalon sedan and the Highlander SUV. This way, there is a hybrid available for just about every type of vehicle.

No matter what kind of hybrid you’re looking for, Toyota is best place to look for one as they have proved their worth. There are many 2015 Toyota Hybrids in Auburn waiting for you. If you would like more information on the hybrids available or would like to schedule a test drive with one, please contact us at 253-833-4555. Doxon Toyota is located on N. Auburn Way in Auburn, WA. We proudly serve the surrounding cities including Lakewood, Federal Way, Bonney Lake, and more.

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