Fair, Upfront Pricing at Doxon Toyota

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Fair, Upfront Pricing at Doxon Toyota

Some of the biggest fears customers have when it comes to purchasing a new car are hidden fees and unfair pricing practices. Knowing exactly what you are paying for is not something you should have to dig up from your financial records. This is why Fair, Upfront Pricing at Doxon Toyota is what we strive for when dealing with our customers.

Pricing Defined at Doxon Toyota

We are sure many of you had some confusing experiences when shopping for a new or used vehicle. Whether the salesperson you worked with was very vague when explaining all the additional fees that would come with the vehicle, or if they failed to mention them at all, you were likely disappointed when the truth came out in your billing report. Aside from making you regret your decision, this type of tactic is detrimental to creating returning customers.

At Doxon Toyota, we make sure everything is explained to you in detail before we ask for your signature. This is crucial when applying for car loans, as you need to know exactly what your monthly costs will be. After all, your car will probably be your second largest bill of the month, and we want to make sure that your financial situation is not jeopardized by inaccurate payment information. Fair, Upfront Pricing at Doxon Toyota is our way of creating happy, returning clientele, and so far this tactic is paying off.

Upfront Pricing at Doxon Toyota

Perhaps you were not confused by the additional fees, but were unhappy because you later found out that you could have purchased the same car for a much lower price at a different dealer. This happens because sometimes dealers start out negotiations at a very high price, hoping that you have not done your homework. Of course in today’s day and age, a quick look on the internet will give you a pretty good idea of what the real price should be.

If you had a poor past experience purchasing a car, we would like to make sure that your next one leaves you with positive thoughts. Our goal is not to make a maximum profit, but to make sure that when you are considering your next car, Doxon Toyota will be the first place you go. If you have any questions regarding your next vehicle, please give us a call at 253-833-4555, or stop by to take one of our vehicles for a test drive as we are located at 3405 Auburn Way N in Auburn, WA. Remember, when browsing the market for your next car, Fair, Upfront Pricing at Doxon Toyota is something we pride ourselves on.

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