Recently Divorced and Need a Car?

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Recently Divorced and Need a Car?

Are you Recently Divorced and Need a Car? This is a situation we deal with on a regular basis at Doxon Toyota. Along with emotional stress, divorce can make a serious dent in your credit rating, making any new purchases that much more difficult. On top of leaving you in a tough financial situation, a divorce can leave you with a vehicle that has both names on the title. Because we have so much experience dealing with these types of situations, we developed ways to help you resolve some of the issues explained above.

Recently Divorced Issues

The two main issues that can affect your next purchase are having poor credit and still having your ex’s name on the title. Fortunately, we work with a variety of lenders, some of which are more understating when it comes to divorce. Since your credit rating is fragile at this point, it is our job to take the necessary steps to make sure that it does not receive any further damage. Because of our extensive experience when dealing with divorce, we know exactly who to work with, which significantly reduces the amount of times lenders have to check your credit score and helps you preserve whatever remaining credit you have left. Are you Recently Divorced and Need a Car? We can help.

From Recently Divorced to Needing a Car

As far as removing your ex’s name from the title, we have a solution for that as well. The solution is quite simple, but very effective in helping you restore your personal credit. Just bring in your old vehicle, if you have one to do so, and trade it in for a better vehicle. This will give you the opportunity to rebuild as well.

Not necessarily, if you have your eye on something nice, we can help you get that car. Your interest rate and payments will probably be higher, and you will most likely have to take out a long term loan. Are you Recently Divorced and Need a Car? We are the perfect solution to your troubles. If you have any more question regarding this process, please give us a call at (253) 833-4555 and if you are ready to trade in your old vehicle for something new, feel free to drive it in to our location at 3405 Auburn Way N in Auburn, WA.

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